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I'm leaning to either CalArts or SVA. SVA for cartooning, probably.
SVA sounds...really cool. and if I was gonna move anywhere for school, I'd rather it be somewhere in Californie or New York. and Calarts is...expensive. SVA would probably cost just a *bit* less if I get an apartment too, but hey. it'd be my own dingy shitty apartment (+roomie, but it'd be my bestie, so w/e)

ANYONE KNOW ANY JUICY TIDBITS ABOUT SVA? is basically what I'm askin'.
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  • Watching: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
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deviantart you frustrate me you really really do

you guys I'm basically only on tumblr now you guys know this roight
deviantart and facebook are sort of
void of my existence

ok the end I'll just be floating around

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It's the end of the world. WHAT HAPPENS?!

I'm brainstorming for a comic. I've got some ideas right now, but I'm only one (wo)man, so I was curious to see what other sorts of happenstances other people would come up with!

...that I might use.

...but...probably not.
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I'm writing a bookbookbook
I'm only 80 pages in
the outline for the first half is 3 1/2 pages size 8 font...that's a tiny font.
There's a character named Kojoladel! Doesn't that just sound like he's gonna be a dick?

um, so this is what's happening:
- calarts portfolio [oh g-god]
- commission
- novel
- animation group project thingymajigger [really this should go before the novel,'s at the same level of importance...]
- Road Kid [I'm boarding a thingy...]

and somewhere in there is "looking for jobs" even though Carls Jr told me they weren't hiring. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.

Wish me luck on my stupid stupid novel!
ha ha
Also, I'm gonna draw a teaser for the animation project, 'cause everyone else has drawn one...and I feel left out...
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Sep 13 2010
Send me a note or an email if you're interested!


REMEMBER: you have to give me a genre to work with, or a brief description of the types of comics/books you like to read. If you have characters, a plot, or a setting you want me to work with, you don't have to tell me a genre.

These should take about a month to get done. If you really dig what I've done, I'd totally be willing to make a monthly series or something, for sure!
Each comic is seven pages long, black and white [unless you want color, which will bump up the price.]

I'll be getting a paypal soon, so that's how money's gonna work.

Sep 8 2010
Since people aren’t hiring me, I’d like to try making money doin’ what I do, and that’s drawing. Specifically, drawing cartoons. Even more specifically, drawing comics.

I’m wondering how interested people would be in buying personalized comics.
Personalized as in, you can choose to order a comic about specific characters or story or genre, or all three depending on how picky you are. The only required thing you need to tell me is the genre, I can do the rest. Personalized as in I’m sending you the original work and there are no duplicates. Personalized as in, if you like it, I can draw you a monthly series.

I think they’d be around $7 each [seven/eight pages] What do you guys think?

Since I'm not DC or Drawn&Quarterly or Marvel they won't be super high-quality detail, but they're worth the $7 I promise. I'm making one for myself as practice and as an example, so I'll show you guys. The price might change. I was going to ask $3 for them but everyone was like "CHARGE MORE WHAT THE FUCK" so I did. Soooo I did.

Plus it would go to my CalArts money can.
yes, it's a can.
it's a soup can.
like a money jar.
but a can.
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So georgeholguin and I are doing this collaboration animation. It's gonna be so kickass.
We're probably mostly likely gonna need someone to help up out with coloring [just filling shit in basically] and maybe some of the props/bg animation. If I get really lazy and don't want to animate all five or six flying rocks or the lava or something you'll probably do that, really easy sort of stuff.

If you know flash well/sort of well and want to help/practice drawing rocks and lava we'd dig it if you could help us out! It'd help us out a ton, and we'll credit you of course of course!

also check this out I mean seriously:…

So I'm busy and stuff with stuff. I'm not posting for a while.

I'm going to try to get into CalArts for next year!

Most likely I'll return in a couple months in bad shape because I'm a loser and because I've never done gesture drawing before, and both of those things will lead to my awaited rejection letter. Also because I'm poor as fuck. If I get rejected, I guess I'll just crawl back to my junior college idea hole and rot for two years, before trying for Woodbury and rotting some more.

And if I do get accepted, well, holy shit, I'll be so happy I'll cry rainbows.

See you guys later. (I'll still reply to comments though teehee)
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I'm sure most of you know what an angry old man I am


Tell me what bothers you about art. There's gotta be something, or else you're a liar! I'm pretty open to art, I force myself to be because I'm not PRO yet so I don't have enough of a following, but here's what is currently making me ORNERY: character designs.
I take pride in the fact I've created a world where all the characters look similar [as people do in real life] and yet they're all different. I always strip my characters down to their basic body shape [and nose and ears and boobs if they're girls] to make sure they're not exactly like each other. I get SO FRUSTRATED when good artists have these characters that are copypaste bodies with different hairstyles/colors/clothes. I'm such an old man, in fact, I've gotten to the point where my mind refuses to believe that they are even different characters.

KNOOOWWW? You should feel bad for me because of how pretentious and biased and angry I am. Or not. I mean, whatever.

Of course, there's always a loophole in these copypaste characters. I use it, after all, and that's the RECURRING CHARACTER loophole. A lot of the time I'll copypaste a character design[ex: Lewes' design is extremely similar to Bee and Emilee's designs] and act like they're different characters, when IN REALITY they're not. Most of my female children characters are like this, because they ARE the same, and they're there for a specific purpose and there to carry out a theme that's present in most of my work.

how about the rest of you?
also, fuck, DOOM Resurrection is pissing me off because as soon as I get to hell or whatever the FLYING SKULLS keep KILLING MEEE
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  • Reading: some arts magazine
  • Watching: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  • Playing: DOOM Ressurection
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So I'm starting college in January, for the Spring term. I think it's not only appropriate, considering I need to get a car and find a job, but it's also ridiculous in that it's totally symbolic of a fresh start/new beginnings/etc sort of shit. haaaw.
Dad says it'll be easier to find a job when I turn 18, I hope he's right.

Anyway, I'm doin' my comic. Let me just advertise myself again. This first short's not that great? I don't know. I thought it was kind of funny, but until people continually say to me that my stories are funny, I don't trust myself! So you should tell me what you think.

Um, you guys who commissioned me don't have to pay anymore unless you want to. I feel like I've made you wait a long time and you'll have to wait a bit longer, so. Y'know. My treat, I guess. hahaa

What I think I might do, I might buy a pack of moleskines and paint/draw on the covers and see if anybody's interested in 'em. I mean, sketchbooks are useful! Super useful! And so far all of my moleskine covers have been better looking than my normal drawings so thinks the population. I'm going to be drawing a lot of things that aren't my usual style or even Great Outdoors oriented, just to see what might grab the attention better as far as selling shit goes.
There's change a'comin'. I can feel it!
  • Listening to: that dude that does Adventure Time's music, his CD
  • Reading: some arts magazine
  • Watching: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  • Playing: DOOM
  • Eating: sunlight like a goddamn PLANT
My banjo is in the maaail! Davie James, fly with the speed of thirty jets so that I might sooner play me some damn good hobo tunes!

I mean, I have to learn how to play them first, but that's no big deal.
What is a big deal, though, is Davie James. I finally scrounged up $200 for a good banjo, a case, and picks! I've been messing around with my grandpa's old home-made banjo, it's the shit. But whenever I mess with it, I'm terribly afeared of it just disintegrating in my hands.

Yes, I've already named my banjo. Shut up you guys! It's so I can walk into a room and say "oh, let me go get Davie" and surprise the fuckers waiting for me to appear with a baby to appear with a banjo instead! HA!
I think this banjo's seriously gonna light up my life. I get way less frustrated with instruments compared with drawing, despite me loving drawing mooore...

Banjos, G.O. comics, G.O. pitches, and commissions. And instead of going grunion chasing, I'm gonna watch the folks eat hot dogs against my will. Laaame. But the whole first week of August I'll be going on a badass ROAD TRIP up to San Francisco! That should make up for it.
This is one of them boring journals, amiright?

What're you folks up to? Let's chat! I'm trying to be social now!

Nelly riding a unicorn - paid, finished [well, finishing]
Chris the wizard - not paid, finishing
Family Portrait - not paid, sketchin'
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I'm outtah here, yo!
By here, I mean highschool. Not dA. I like dA, no matter how creepy those fangirls can get.

... ; -;

Do you know how many Mr Wildies I've drawn this week? Way too many. Way. Too. Many. I signed yearbooks with Wildies. I think I'm also sort of antsy about getting Wildy copyright'ed, so that might be part of it.

Uhhh. I'm still working on the animation. I haven't contacted anyone about voices, not only because I'm a scallywag, but MAINLY because I don't have a program for that shit yet, but the short's still chuggin' along.
I can upload all the stuff/keyframes I'm using to cheat with, I guess...if that's interesting. I could post a whole dump o' it.

Still doin' commissions! $5 per character, $1 for a quick sketch. Throw me a note, we'll chitchat.

Nelly riding a unicorn - paid, finished, sending
Chris the wizard - FREE, finished, sent, kaKOW.
Family Portrait - not paid/FREE?, sketching
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IMPORTANT ANIMATION/VOICE JOURNAL THINGY. You'll keep seeing this until I get all the voices. I mean, honestly, it's not as irritating as I COULD be! Just imagine how irritating I COULD be!

I sent notes out and stuff, so thankyou guys who've responded to those!

I know you guys are helping me out by the kindness of your heart, and I looove you all for doing that, but pleeeaaase send me stuff. ; ^;
Or send me an email/comment/etc saying "I WILL send you stuff, but I'm super busy" so I know that you didn't forget or anything. I mean, I automatically assume everyone's life is busy. Prove me right! oh ho ho

For you guys who're sending me auditions [?] or whatever for voices, pleeeaaase email me SOON. VERY SOON. PLEASE. My email is
I'm gonna work on it over the summer.

But, uh, yeah. Still. The sooner the better.

I'm gonna start animating scenes that don't need syncing. When I get all my voices I'll send out the script and storyboard to everyone. The characters are all up, now! So if you're picky about what you're voicing, here they all are:


As far as who's actually voicing who, here's who's got voices now:
- Mr Wilderness
- Mayor Mayfairweathersouth III
- Rudy
- 'cliff zombie'
- Josh
- Principal
- Stephie
- Ticket Seller Ladeee
- The extra businessdude

I still need:
- 'lead zombie'
- Bossman
- BG chars: extra zombies

Considering the BG zombies are just sorta groaning "businessss~~" I'll probably have whoever is voicing the normal characters voice them, too...same goes for the ticket seller and the BG businessman.

If you'd like to be a voice, and since nothing is for sure yet, send me a note!
You need to be able to get a hold of a good-quality mic, without background noises...

Yess, I'm still working on those requests, too. Sorry to keep you guys waiting!

"Time for business!"
"There's always time for business."
"Can I just PLEASE do my business?"
"Oh, we feed them business."
"For a businessman, there's always unfinished business."

None of those come up in the animation at all. But they're all zombie gags. I drew most of them out.
a-hem. cough.
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I feel like I should be busy doing something
and then I remember that I am a high school student with all of her homework done, and therefore there is nothing left that I am allowed to do to further myself.
I am being a pessimist. There's plenty to do.
Um. Like copy styles or whatever.
Which I've been doing. I'm currently trying to perfect Fanboy and Chum Chum, for whatever reason. It's weird. Especially since I really, really don't like that show. But hey. If I do ever get hired as a character designer, who says I'll enjoy the shows I'm working for? So I'm practicing.
And not the 3D style, Robles's sketches, because they're 2D and look better.
But I'm biased.

So anyway, how about some requests?
I'll do fan art, especially if it's a chance to try copying a style I'm not used to [I'm not used to most styles off-Cartoon Network, for example.]
But, uh, if you want a request in my own sort of thing then don't request fan art. And it can be original characters.
But I want to note that I don't do 'sexy.' People have been bugging me to draw 'sexy' for some reason. It's strange.

But I won't do anime.
nononononono. no.
Again, I'm biased.

Soo I've got:
[DONE]Scott Pilgrim - Ben3156
[CONE]Old Man Sage - MultiFlavorPsycho
[DONE]Were-Rat[?] - JakRabbit96
John Connor… - foxrock66
??? - Monsterpikachu
Wes Anderson cinematicallycorrect.files.wor… - chrisaclef… - Qee-Citrus
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"You couldn't be cuter! You're so adorable! Ohh my."
eeee I think I'll enjoy this silly nonsense!
Or at least parts of it. Because I keep hearing it's horrible. But I think I should see it...

I'm goin' nuts with this comic you guys.

I don't even
what's going on anymore.

Decibel is such a sweaty boy! He's been sweaty for the past seven pages!

I'm on page twelve...thirteen.

this is the kookiest comic I've ever done.

Calcaterra/Wilderness said he's gonna teach comic book writing class again! He can give me feedback on Decibel! I'm really excited for a teacher-figure person to read it.


the word dude is so overused by Decibel! But I don't care
he's so silly.

So what's up with you guys?
I need to get a job.